We Support a Low Emission Positive Future with Retail Sales


Prosperous Home is an online shop, specializing in selling high quality light fittings, architectural hardware, and fans.


The building and construction industry is one of the largest global emitters of CO2 (39%), producing 11% of global emissions in construction and 28% of global emissions during the lifecycle of heating, cooling and lighting buildings.

The Company would like to do our bit to reduce those figures! To do that, we aim to help Customers develop their homes into high performance zero energy sustainable dwellings which are stylish and timeless and can be enjoyed by future generations.

Prosperous Home focuses on being a ‘for profit business’ with a positive environmental effect. We intend to tackle issues like environmental waste, environmental mismanagement, product quality decline, Economic fragility caused by globalisation, and large retailers reducing our choice as consumers.

To achieve our long term positive environmental impact our plan is two fold.

  1. Invest the majority of profits generated by the business into improving the performance of low income rental housing projects.
  2. Develop a product range which is appropriate for Australian homes.

The blog will feature our future environmental projects as they happen. Until then the blog will talk about Architectural hardware, building maintenance, style, and companies we think are making positive contributions in the world. Thank you for shopping at Prosperous Home. We hope you enjoy it!


We sell high quality products from Australian brands providing a transparent accountable and superior service. Our grass roots are in architecture design and environmental sustainability. So as we grow so will our positive global impact.

We are seeking out Australian manufacturer and wholesalers with high quality, environmentally conscious products to retail.

At prosperous home Australian wholesale and manufacturing companies are prioritised over international companies. As a result our customers recieve peace of mind that their purchase is warranted within Australia

As a customer with us you have access to great service from knowledgeable staff and you can shop any time!

The selection is curated by architects and interior designers, ensuring products meet a reasonable standard of quality and longevity. The range is deliberately eclectic to appeal to broad tastes. The result is that our quality standards are typically higher than other retailers.


At prosperous Home our first product offers are in Lighting. We intend to expand our selection to architectural hardware and fans soon. We would like to provide a full complement of products to stylishly design energy conscious Australian homes.

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