antique style Victorian Table lamps - 17-inch-red-tulip-table-lamp


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Shopping for antique style Victorian Table lamps? We invite you to consider the 17 inch Red Tulip Table Lamp available at Prosperous Home online shop.


This beautiful lamp features a simple elegant design which is timeless. The shade has a ring of tulips around the rim on an amber art glass background. The base draws inspiration from a budding tulip.

Tiffany style lights offer a warm rich character to the home and can be featured in any room. They are an exceptional addition to any space, as a light, a sculpture, a talking point and a piece of art.

A tiffany style light is an exceptionally high quality item and valued piece of furniture in the home. Unlike less intricate light fixtures they are repairable, resalable, recyclable, and bequeath able, appealing to family members across generations.


Item code: TL12235/KG

The fitting accepts an E27 globe while accepting a maximum 60W.


The lamp is 48cm tall while the shade diameter is 30cm.


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Our Tiffany style lamp shades are hand made while resin lamp bases are hand cast and painted. As a result no two lamps are identical so colours and designs will vary slightly from the lamp pictured. These differences contribute to the beauty as well as the uniqueness of the item.