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Shopping lighting for children’s room? A fairy or other decorative nightstand task lamp is a fabulous portable option!

Fairies have frequented the imagination of children since the middle ages and provide a fun opportunity to add a little magic to bedtime. Nightstand task lamps provide a soft ambiance for telling fairy tales at night! The Three Bears, Snow White, Rumple Stiltskin, and your own little fairy lover drifting off to sleep…

This pewter finish kneeling fairy lamp features a smiling fairy, kneeling on her knees with her Tiffany style wings out in a stretched position. She is the perfect muse for an original fairy tale of magic and adventure.

Tiffany style refers to a style of lead-light glass making refined by Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of a founding member of Tiffany and Co Jewelers. Louis used copper solder and stenciled art glass to tremendous effect, creating many of the most valued electric lamps in the world. To see some of the amazing works of Louis comfort Tiffany which inspired our fairies wings click here.

Nightstand task lamps aren’t all fairies. To see a range of popular nightstand nursery lamps at Prosperous Home click here. We have turtles, elephants, roosters, butterflies, cats, seahorses, lily lamps and more! All of which are high quality products from Australian brands with Australian brand Warranties, giving you the peace of mind that your nursery lamp is constructed to Australian standards and incorporates Australian quality control.

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Globe: 1 x E14

Wattage: 40W maximum


Height: 33cm

Width: 15cm


This lamp was assembled by hand. As a result, actual colours and designs vary slightly from item to item. This adds to the unique beauty and character of the lamp.

To advance your fairy fun we like The Pickled Fairy in Fremantle WA.