Metrix Eight island chandelier lighting


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The Metrix 8 is a contemporary interpretation of modernist island chandelier lighting reflecting the black and chrome modernist furniture styles of Marcel Breuer or Charles and Ray Eames furniture with new age LED and minimal hanging supports.



The Metrix 8 is a contemporary example of modernist kitchen island chandelier lighting which reflects the black and chrome modernist furniture style of Marcel Breuer. New age LED globes as well as minimal hanging supports transform this modernist fitting.

The fixture is a fine contemporary minimalist design which could bring the wow factor to many styles of Kitchen Island, as well as billiards rooms, hallways or gallery spaces.

This light compliments contemporary kitchens and looks great above islands and peninsulas, as well as dining room tables. Task light direction is adjustable by moving the angle of the light bars while the slender elements of the light allow it to fall into the background. Also, to see the smaller Metrix 6 click here.


The eight lights produce a total of 2720 lumens. Which is likely to feel like the equivalent of around 180 watts in old incandescent globe terms. So, for this reason we recommend installing the light in conjunction with Clipsal LED Dimmers, to provide you with the exact lux levels you desire.


The body of the metrix 8 is a 1000mm long black metal bar with chrome stoppers inset at either end. It incorporates eight 410mm LED Lights connected to its underside.  Each light has chrome swivel and pivot joints, allowing them to be directional.

The light is suspended on two slender cables from a surface mounted ceiling fixture. The ceiling fixtures mechanical parts are hidden away from view in an elegant black box which has access fixings at either end. The body of the light is 180mm tall. The cable suspension has a maximum drop of two metres.


The light pumps out a mass of LED light baking a room in brightness and making it suitable to light office spaces. LED is the acronym for light emitting diode. LED technology emits much more light per unit of energy consumed than traditional lights. Consequently it the most popular light technology sold in Australia. To learn more about LED lights with Encyclopedia Britannica click here.



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