Outdoor wall lighting - Tucson-2-light-pewter


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The Tucson Pewter Wall Light Is a contemporary LED light interpretation of sculptural washboard lights in a pewter finish. A stylish way finding light, producing 690 lumens, the Tucson is perfect for fa?ade lighting a minimalist home or entryway. It provides enough light to find the front door key without saturating spaces with excessive light.

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The Tucson Pewter wall light is a great contemporary light from the range. Finished in pewter, this LED outdoor wall light takes inspiration from sculptural washboard lights. It works as a perimeter facade light and can be used to highlight  ground level features like plants and paths.

It compliments a range of wall textures including stack stone, render, limestone and oiled timber. It is a stylish way finding light which provides enough illumination to find a front door key, while not saturating an entryway with light pollution. Its soft ambiance compliments a contemporary entry way.

If you have questions regarding your outdoor wall lighting selection please feel free to contact us any time to discuss your lighting objectives. We are available via phone or email or you are welcome to access our complimentary lighting design suggestion service, to access a customised lighting design for your individual situation.


The Tucson Pewter Wall Light features two integral six watt LED globes designed to shine downwards. Weather protection is provided by encapsulating each globe in a robust powder coated  metal case.

The light produces 690 lumens.


The light is 300mm high, 188mm wide, and projects 100mm from the wall.


An IP44 rated outdoor wall light is rated as having ingress protection against solid objects over 1mm in size, and being protected against direct spraying water and splashes from all directions.

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