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Lights in Kids Bedroom

The needs for lights in kids bedroom s change over time.

At Prosperous Home our preferred lighting design incorporates ceiling lights, night lights and reading lights.

Ceiling lights

Optimum design of ceiling lights in kids bedrooms in a new house includes an arrangement of LED downlights designed around a ceiling fan. Accounted for all furniture configurations when locating a ceiling fan. Always ensure there will always be airflow to the bed. Downlights should be spaced far enough from the ceiling fan to avoid light shadows from the fan. They should be bright and set on a dimmer to allow maximum control of lighting.

Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan should be considered at the forefront of ceiling design as it is the most important component of a bedroom’s usability. In Australia ceiling fan use varies from year round in the tropics and hot dry desert to spring through autumn in the Mediterranean climates and exclusively for summer in the cool climates. Ceiling fans are of greater use than air conditioning in that they allow a warm room to be comfortable for longer using far less energy than an AC system and can be used for eight months of the year in most Australian homes. Ceiling fan location is more important than AC Duct location. Therefore you should prioritise ceiling fan placement first.

Task Lights

Task lights are where the imaginations can run wild. Uses for task lights in kids bedroom s are numerous.? Task lights can be used to; read bedtime stories, see when awake at night, check for monsters under the bed, or change nappies. They can become a great source of comfort and pleasure for your child.? The Purple Spotted Butterfly Lamp Tl-N092187a is a great example of a children’s room task light. To see more nursery task lights at Prosperous Home click here.

Reading Lamps / Bedside Lamps

Reading lamps are useful lights in a kids bedroom for prolonged story times or times when a child is reading to themselves. They provide a greater intensity of light than nursery lamps. To see the range of bedside lamps available at Prosperous Home click here.


We hope this gives you some ideas on how to select lights in kids bedrooms. We are always happy to help further if required.