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Cock-doodle-dooo! Tiffany Rooster Lamp is available at Prosperous Home. This ones for the clucker lovers, the backyard poultry mothers, those who know it takes 21 days to incubate a chicken egg and those who just want a chicken lamp!

This rooster lamp is a perfect accessory for your kitchen or dining room, and compliments the farmhouse aesthetic. It sits nicely on a side table next to a bowl of the morning’s eggs. It also creates a great kitchen night light where needed. Our recommendation is – celebrate the humble chook Australia!

For the omnivore environmentalists among us, chicken is the most efficient meat you can eat. According to the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, in 2018 it took 1.75 kilograms of chook food to produce one kilogram of meat. A pig uses approximately 4.5kgs of feed per kilo of meat produced, a sheep uses 6kgs, and cows use 10kgs or more. to see an overview of feed conversion rates at wikipedia for your reference click here.

Based on these feed conversion ratios, the humble chicken is worth celebrating, maybe with a rooster lamp! For those interested in reducing their environmental impact chook is worth a look, both in the backyard for eggs and on the plate with two chickens in the yard significantly reducing a households waste and providing most of the households eggs. For more information on keeping backyard chooks click here.

To view the range of Tiffany style animal lamps sold by prosperous home click here. though they are not all a chicken lamp we hope there is something there to make you smile!


Globe: 1 x E14

Wattage: 40W maximum


Height: 30cm

Width: 30cm


The Rooster lamps we offer are handmade, with actual colours and designs varying slightly for individual items. The handmade quality of this lamp adds to its unique beauty and character.