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The red rose Tiffany wall light is an example of a range of art glass wall sconces as well as lamps and pendants from Prosperous Home. The floral design on the sconce is timeless, and shines vibrantly with the light illuminated. The Art glass design shields the eye from overexposure to the globe while providing a beautiful soft up light. For this reason sconces are a great interior design tool for way finding or drawing attention to an architectural feature in the home.

Tiffany lights offer a warm rich character to the home and can be featured in any room. They offer light, sculpture, a talking point and a piece of art. And Unlike most light fixtures they are repairable, resalable, recyclable, and bequeath able, appealing to family members across generations.

Tiffany Studios work spanned the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period into the first third of the twentieth century, and while typically Art nouveau there are amazing art deco examples as well. These are the lights which inspire contemporary art glass sconces, and the reason leadlight windows evolved into an electric lighting style. A great early example is October Night Table Lamp from the Driehaus Museum collection in Chicago.


The fitting accepts one E27 edison screw globe and supports a 60W maximum bulb strength allowing it to produce any amount of light you need with a contemporary LED.

The shade utilises traditional stained glass materials such as stenciled art glass, copper foil and copper solder.


The Shade has a height of approximately 19cm as well as a width of 30cm.


Every Tiffany shade is unique and handcrafted. And no two shades are exactly the same. So the picture above is indicative of design and shape only.

Stained glass can appear dull without light behind it. The shade is pictured illuminated for this reason.

Each shade has varied colours and textures and may include bubbles and imperfections,which is typical of the Tiffany style.

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