Zola three lights in office


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The Zola three light is worth consideration for a customer interested in a sculptural futuristic light fitting.

The Zola three light, evokes futuristic images. It might bring to mind images of the starship Enterprise, or an abstraction of the Guggenheim Museum, where the floor plates are offset horizontally.

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Shopping for lights in the office? Or a ceiling light with wow factor for a standard height ceiling? The Zola three light pendant may be for you! This fitting evokes futuristic images in the mind of the beholder. the light conjures images of the star ship Enterprise, or the Guggenheim Museum, where the floor plates are abstracted and offset horizontally.

The Zola three light features four offset rings of varying sizes. The highest ring is a 225mm metal plate which attaches to the ceiling. The other three rings hang from the highest ring on drop rods, descending in size from high to low.

The light pumps out a mass of LED light baking a room in brightness and making it suitable as for lights in office spaces. LED is the acronym for light emitting diode. Most lights sold in Australia today are LED or LED globe compatible, allowing them to accept LED lights.This is because LED technology emits much more light per unit of energy consumed. To learn more about LED lights with Encyclopedia Britannica click here.

The zola series features black and white lights in two and three light versions. To see these lights and other contemporary LED pendant lights from Prosperous Home click here.


Globe: Integral LED

Wattage: 84W LED or 3800 lumens.


Area: 600mm x 600mm

Drop: 205mm


To achieve the lux levels you desire we recommend installing it in conjunction with a Clipsal LED dimmer.



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