Letterbox Lights Australia


The importance of letterbox lights Australia…

What is a guest’s first impression when first arriving at your home for a dinner party? It is your letterbox number.

Australia’s forgiving Mediterranean style climate lends itself to outdoor living and dinner parties, making outdoor lights design extremely important. There is nothing like sitting on the patio after a barbecue on a summer night watching the kids play. But choosing an external lights strategy to allow for this simple pleasure can be daunting!

External lights frame the way we use our homes at night, so a good external lighting strategy is critical. Prosperous Home sells a large range of high quality external lights designed in Australia for Australian conditions. This article discusses the first light your guests see, or don’t w’en they arrive at your home at night.

Letterbox lights

It is embarrassing to have to get out of your car to look for letterbox number. You get there with your phone torch only to find the number isn’t there. The home owner comes out to investigate suspicious behaviour at his mailbox at night. And you the guest have to sheepishly explain that you are looking for number 46. Worst still would be if the occupant came out brandishing a hose! The result could be a wet late dinner guest!

To improve your guest’s way finding experience we therefore recommend installing a letterbox light to illuminate your house number. Letterbox lights can be applied in a variety of ways. My personal favourite is to uplight the letterbox from the front using a spike light. Spike lights are small spotlights attached to a steel spike. They have a swivel mount which can be faced to light a specific direction.

A spike light generally has a high IP rating to protect it from water ingress. They are usually 12 volt lights and operate at a lower voltage than regular electric lights for safety.

Where a spike light is installed in a garden setting it can be installed as a standalone item, however if it is being set into a lawn or trafficable area it is best practise to set it inside of a concrete tundish, or a piece of pipe for protection. This allows the light to sit below the surface of the ground and not fall prey to the lawnmower or the mailman’s feet.

Letterbox Lights @ Prosperous Home

A great letterbox light is the Stockholm one light exterior 12V spike light available from Prosperous Home online shop. To see different versions of the light and other outdoor lights available at prosperous Home click here.